If you need I.T. professionals or other job functions that are suitable for fulfilling abroad, we can help.  Whether you have a one-time project or need a reliable full-time employee, we can help you accomplish your goals with our team of consultants.  We take care of all the paperwork and HR functions leaving you to concentrate on growing your business.

What to expect from GetReal and our consultants

Trust- Our management team understands the business community in Hawaii and is committed to doing business the "right way" in our hometown.  We pride ourselves on our reputation and pledge to conduct business with honesty and fairness at all times. 

Communication- We understand that excellent communication is essential to making outsourcing arrangements work smoothly.  Thanks to the wonders of communication technology, our consultants are easily reachable despite being thousands of miles away.  Our team is committed to responsiveness and will always be available during our agreed upon hours via cell phone, IP phone, or instant message platforms.

Simplicity- We take care of all the HR functions and paperwork and you get one simple affordable bill.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we'll take it from there.

English Speaking Consultants- We screen our consultants to make sure they can communicate well in English.  Should you desire consultants who speak other languages, we can arrange for that as well.



On Call- Your account representative in Hawaii will always be on call for you and reachable via cell phone.  Should any problems or questions arise, you can always reach your local representative. 

Work Hours- We can make arrangements for our consultants to be available at any work schedule you might desire.  Most customers find our standard consultant work schedule of 1pm-9pm HST to be more than sufficient workday overlap, but we can find consultants who are happy to work during your desired schedule. 

Holidays- Our consultants have 6 standard holidays per year and you will have advance notice of these days, most of which coincide with major holidays observed in the US.

Currently our consultants have experience
in the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • Website Development
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • E commerce
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Graphic Design
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Project management
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Hosting services
  • Other outsourcing needs

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